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To stay abreast of the latest product and merchandising trends and innovative approaches, we place emphasis on taking frequent retail scouting trips to North America, Europe,  South Africa, Australia, and Canada. Additionally, our account managers travel to China around five times a year to meet with our supply partners through factory visits and trade show opportunities.

At MACVAD, we have a very strong line of communication, and pertinent information flows seamlessly throughout the company. This process communicates product successes across various markets, thus affording other clients the opportunity to connect and share in one another's production runs. This stream-lined process allows us to offer the best pricing possible.

Our company has worked hard at developing our trading business with China for over 50 years. Through the years, we have been able to establish valuable relationships with trusted, reliable factories within the country. We are now able to source virtually any consumer product on the market.

With an outstanding and innovative in-house design team, MACVAD can offer distinctive packaging and excellent product design with great value. Our design team is able to operate at a fraction of the cost of a typical design studio, and we pass that savings along to our clients.

MACVAD also executes a quality control check once an order is approximately 15 to 20 percent completed. The early check alerts us to any problems, allowing us the opportunity to effectively resolve issues before the need to change shipping dates arises.

While we at MACVAD pride ourselves on product education, experienced trading and sourcing with China, excellent quality control and innovative design, these factors are just nice bonuses to the core model of business to which we strongly adhere. This core value is to provide seamless service from the initial product offer until the moment the product is placed on our client's shelf.

"MACVAD offers a seamless service from product offer through to store shelf"