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MACVAD SOUTH AFRICA is part of the MACVAD Group of companies.  We opened up our office in 2011, having realised what benefits we could bring to the retailers across Africa. 

As part of a global sourcing and supply solutions group, we are growing our portfolio of diverse products at a rapid pace.  The MACVAD Group has access to over 5,500 factories across Asia and Europe, plus supplies major Big Box retail customers worldwide.  (From sourcing through Ethical and Social compliant factories, through to cutting edge packaging design, through to strict product quality control and disciplined cradle to grave management of orders) MACVAD SOUTH Africa leverages off our International customer base, to bring exceptional cost value and innovation to any potential customers table.  We pride ourselves in having the ability to segment and tailor-make unique and retailer specific offers, without compromising any of our customers' confidentiality around ranges we supply.  Feel free to give us any direct sourcing challenge! 

Current Product Categories:

  • Garden Decorative and Functional Solar Lighting
  • Functional Security Solar Lighting
  • LED Lighting from torches to floodlights
  • Multi Plugs, extension cords and adapters
  • Indoor, Outdoor and KD Furniture
  • Dry Gardening from hand tools to lawnmowers
  • Automotive and DIY Hardware
  • Camping and Outdoor Products
  • Storage solutions from garage to wardrobe
  • Housewares from table top, to cookware, to bake ware
  • Home textiles/Manchester 

MACVAD South Africa
1st Floor, Leppan House, 1 Skeen Boulevard, Bedfordview 2007, South Africa
Ph: +27 11 450 3071
Email: guido.lorenzini@macvad.com


Our top South African customers and biggest brands include: