Our sustainability team brings together representatives from across the MACVAD Group to bring focus on developing and implementing process to reduce our environmental impact and deliver better solutions to our customers and suppliers.

Our main sustainability objective is to reduce our environmental impact globally and deliver better solutions to our customers by incorporating green practices and standards into our sourcing.

We strive to source products made of eco-friendly materials from efficient and ethical factories that exceed our customers’ requests. This includes reducing the use of non-biodegradable materials such as polystyrene, staples and shrink wrap. MACVAD is also involved in eliminating toxins through sourcing BPA free plastics and we are becoming worldwide leaders in detox programs for garments and textiles factories.

We actively source from factories that use sustainable processes in the manufacturing of our goods, and we monitor and encourage them for continual improvements. This includes using manufacturing processes that have minimal impact on the local environment and their people.  There can be a lot of individual processes used to manufacture an item, and we look in to the process as a whole.

Some of our sustainable sourcing approaches include:


  • Garments –management and implementation of environmental practices and processes in our supply chain such as reducing the use of environmentally harmful chemicals
  • Sourced from suppliers who are discontinuing production with hazardous chemicals for our customers committed to Greenpeace’s Detox campaign
  • Introducing new sustainable and eco- friendly product concepts and ideas to our customers
  • Sourcing alternative, sustainable and environmentally friendly materials product packaging
  • Focusing on maintaining high levels of quality products and services for our customer
  • To further adopt new environmental standards, social compliance and best practices through internationally accredited sources.
  • Collaborate with leading industry businesses to comply with ever changing customer requirements
  • To build and establish strong factory relationships for better controlled and managed work conditions
  • To ensure environmental awareness with all products and materials used to work towards reducing the global environmental footprint
  • Working with renewable and recycled raw materials to promote longer life cycle of products
  • Using natural and sustainable materials such as Bamboo and recycled cotton for more eco-friendly garments manufacturing
  • Packaging and Shipping: Hangtags made from recycled paper. Polybags made of recycled materials

Housewares, Furniture and Packaging Materials

  • Wood and paper materials that have verified FSC® (Forestry Stewardship Council®)  certification (FSC® licence number FSC-C129381
  • Promote renewable materials such as bamboo, wood from used rubber trees, and water hyacinth
  • Recycled plastics and recycled polystyrene foam in recyclable packaging
  • Ensure our plastic products are BPA free. Polypropylene (PP), polyethylene terephthalate (PET) instead of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polycarbonate (PC) or acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) as well as PVC-free packaging materials.

Advising our customers of

  • Processes and recommendations for materials, manufacture and packaging
  • Ensure supplier compliance in meeting MACVAD and customer requirements related to chain-of-custody requirements for wood products (we are a member of FSC® – the Forestry Stewardship Council®), components containing reportable minerals (including conflict free minerals) and their associated testing criteria.
  • Assessments of product risk and traceability of raw material categories

We promote sustainability within MACVAD offices, and encourage our global team to follow the 3R's

  • Recycling and Reusing paper
  • Reducing paper use through printing less and unsubscribing unwanted mail
  • Recycling toner cartridges and packaging materials