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MACVAD Group is comprised of numerous trading companies that provide global sourcing and supply solutions to various markets.

We at MACVAD Group know that the strength of our company lies in our talented staff and the focus they place on creating relationships. Our people enjoy the energetic work environment here at MACVAD and it shows in their ability to establish and maintain strong relationships with both our suppliers and our buyers.

With an extensive knowledge base, we facilitate trade in hard goods, and home and garment textile product industries. In addition to enabling trade, the MACVAD Group encompasses TOPLINE MARKETING, an in-store merchandising company.

Several factors make MACVAD distinct, and set us apart from the competition:

We have an established base of reliable, trusted, quality sources.
We have developed relationships with over 5,500 factories in China.
We have a strong support team in China.
We have placed several MACVAD employees on the ground in China, and their main responsibility is educating our suppliers on our required levels of quality assurance and packaging.
We research other markets and trends to further development.
We can offer replenishment services in certain markets.
We have both internal and external professional quality assurance inspectors.
With our international customer base, we can provide competitive volume pricing.